The philosophy behind our work stems from deep care for our surroundings on many different levels – the coziness of the interior, the satisfaction of our employees and customers, the harmony of the natural environment. Therefore we treat our inspiration - Nature - respectfully, and take care of both people and the environment. We believe in the aesthetics of everyday life and we put it into practice.


In the production process, both state-of-the-art digital technologies as well as meticulous handwork are employed. We make every effort to create beautiful and unique objects of high quality. We produce locally because we feel responsible for the well-being of our community. It also allows us to make sure that Woolights are ethical in every inch.


Woolights lamps are made of ultra thin birch plywood. The material is subtle enough to let the light through but at the same time durable and strong just like the Scandinavian birch. In the facture of the petals one can see the gusts of Arctic wind and sparkles of Northern Lights. The materials we use are ecologically certified and environment-friendly.

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